How to cancel & book a court

You can book a racquetball court at The Club either through our website or the Wix app for your smart phone. Only one person in your party needs to reserve the court for you. We ask that you respond to your court reservation confirmation email with the names of who you’re playing with.

All players must have signed a waiver for The Club, have a membership, pass or drop in credit. Most importantly, everyone in your party MUST wear protective eyewear — don’t forget it!

Booking through the website:

First things first — go to and click on “Book a court.”

Select which court you would like to play on and click “Book Now.”

The website will show what time slots are available to be booked for the court you chose. If the court is already booked, it will say “full.” If the time slot you are looking to book is taken, you can simply click the back button in your browser and pick a different court.

Once you’ve selected your time slot, click “Next.” If you are already logged in and have a membership or pass on your account, it will appear here. You still have to click “Next” to complete your booking.

When you click “Next,” you will get a Sign Up screen. It’s important to use the same sign in method every time you book. If you’ve already signed up, there is a “Log in” link right underneath the headline.

Use your username and password to log in!

Once you are logged in, it will ask you to confirm your details and allow you to add a message. You can let us know who you are playing with here if you’d like! :)

After filling out your info, just click “Book it.”

This is what your confirmation screen will look like. You will also receive a confirmation email, and a 24-hour reminder email.

Cancelling through the website:

To cancel your booking through the website, log in by using the link in the top right corner. Click the arrow by your profile icon and navigate to “My Bookings.”

Click the arrow next to the booking you’d like to cancel. Then click “Cancel.”

Confirm your cancellation in the pop-up window.

Booking through the app:

Navigate to your app store and download the free Wix app.

Log in using the same credentials you would on the website. If you don’t have credentials yet, you can set up a log in method on the home screen.

Click on The Club. If you do not have The Club saved in your Wix app yet, use code X6AHLW to search for it.

Navigate to “Book a Court” and scroll through the available court times.

If the court is already booked, you will see that 1/1 participants are already on that court. If it says 0/1, then you can book the court. Simple click “Book.”

This is what your confirmation screen will look like.

Cancelling through the app:

You can either cancel your booking through the app by viewing your booking through the “Book a Court” screen, or by clicking the person icon in the lower right hand corner.

If you see your booking on the list of court times, just click on the green “Booked” word and it will give you a pop up with the option to “Cancel booking.”

If you navigate to your profile by clicking the icon in the lower right hand corner, you will have a button to view “My Bookings.”

Click on your listed booking and a pop-up will appear that gives you the option to “Cancel Session.” Confirm your cancellation by clicking “Yes, Cancel Booking.”

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